Free Baby Items

17 Nov

Place the baby on his/her back and hold the baby’s leg in a half bent position. Move the legs in a cycling motion for a minute or so. This will help the baby pass stools easily.

If your OB/GYN still has not given you free stuff for your baby, do not be embarrassed to ask about it. You can expect to be given a bag full of items like parenting materials, diaper samples, baby powder samples, and many more. Sometimes, after giving birth, you may also be surprised to see a goody bag from the hospital staff that’s brimming with free baby supplies like diaper rash medications, baby soaps, toys for babies, and so on.

In many places like fuel stations or restaurants promotional logo gifts such as a good luck charm, a key ring, a piggybank, an ashtray, a cigarette lighter, or even a set of salt and peppershakers in the form of gasoline pumps or crockery etc suiting decor are interesting advertising promotional gift ideas.

free baby items

The listed carriers are preferable to the ‘Baby Bjorn’ type since the baby’s legs are not left dangling, which is more comfortable for parent and baby. See Babywearing International for more information.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed about the cost of baby products, especially if you are a new mom. If you lack the funds, however, you need not worry as you can receive free baby supplies as well as absolutely free samples of baby stuff.


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